we love glass.

our glass bottles don’t just look fancy, they’re good for the environment too. unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are almost infinitely recyclable.  because we use glass we can extend the shelf life of our products, preserving the quality without any use of preservatives or other additives. that’s why we love glass.

we are great supporters of glass and therefore we support friends of glass. a community that unite over 215 000 consumers from different countries in Europe and beyond, who are convinced that glass is an awesome packaging solution because of its environmental benefits.  are you a glass-supporter?

join the movement and become a friend of glass here: http://www.friendsofglass.com

glass is fantastic.

to demonstrate our love for glass we launched a global campaign last year where we asked our consumer to celebrate glass. the campaign was a call to action, for each consumer to minimize their daily use of single use plastic.