fruit on a mission.

froosh is more than just delicious crushed fruit in a glass bottle. we are fruit on a mission.

at least 50% of the fruit in our bottles comes from developing countries where fruit farms play a major role in helping poorer countries build a more prosperous future. the export of tropical fruit creates jobs, boost trade and reduces poverty. when we do business with fruit farms in developing countries, it often means better education and health for the people who lives in the regions. the farms often use their profits from their exports of fruit to build schools and health clinics to improve the lives of all those in the surrounding community.

 we have seen numerous of good examples where private business in poor regions of the world makes a great impact on its community, therefor we feel like it is our responsibility to share their stories where the fruit is consumed. our mission of spreading the word, does not come out of the blue. we do regularly working-visit to fruit farms in developing countries to learn about the fruit we use in our smoothies and more so the impact of global trade. we bring our staff, consumers, customers and media to countries like Guatemala, Ethiopia and Thailand to see and experience it for themselves.

we want to share our experiences from fruit farms. it you would like to have us as speakers at universities or have our input at conferences, don’t be a stranger. get in touch at