froosh plus-premium natural fruit smoothies with coffee and plant-based protein.

we are now launching a new line of naturally fortified smoothies. plant based protein from peas, sunflowers and sesame seeds and caffeine from coffee and guarana offer busy, conscientious people a way to get more out of their snacks.

the froosh plus smoothie range is made of high quality, not from concentrate fruit and all natural, plant-based ingredients. just like all froosh products they don’t have added sugar, preservatives or other artificial additives. the 250 ml cardboard packaging is environmentally friendly, as it is lightweight in transportation and fully recyclable.

three new premium smoothies with functionality from nature

the new froosh plus smoothie range consists of three smoothies for energy, protein and relaxation. the energy smoothie contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. in addition to caffeine and guarana, it includes delicious crushed mango, banana and acerola for an added vitamin c- boost.

the protein smoothie boasts high levels of natural protein through peas, avocado and tahini sesame paste. one portion contains 8 grams of plant-based protein. the

relaxation smoothie is filled with ingredients that are traditionally known for their relaxing properties – lemon balm, chamomile, and lemongrass – balanced with sweetness from pineapple. 

dare try today.