Froosh in a nutshell

We offer urban busy people a convinient way to get more fruit into their diets.

It's just fruit.

We create our own smoothies: squeezing, pressing and mashing lots of top quality fruit into our glass bottles and paper cans.

We would never use concentrates, add sugar or use any preservatives. in fact we don’t add anything at all – froosh is just fruit!

11 delicious smoothie flavors. 3 innovative juice flavors

We love glass.

Our glass bottles don’t just look fancy, they’re good for the environment too. Because we use glass we can extend the shelf life of our products, preserving the quality without any use of preservatives or other additives. That’s why we love glass.

Meet shorty.

A delicate small character with one portion of crushed fruit in a super convenient FSC-certified paper can.Thanks to an innovative packaging technology our shorty cans have the same shelf life as our glass bottles, without preservatives. What’s not to love?

Welcome to the world of froosh.

Fruits are fantastical little creations. Round and yellow, bubbly and red, hairy and brown, soft and blue. These strangely odd things comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

Mother Nature must have been in her most creative mood when she came up with the design for them. As if that isn’t enough they also taste great and are filled with healthy and nutritious stuff that is good for both body and mind. Something sweet and tasty that isn’t bad for you.

No wonder we at Froosh are obsessed with fruit. Strangely enough a lot of people take fruit for granted. Perhaps it’s because most of us grew up with them and over the years have gotten use to them.

Or perhaps it’s because we’ve all been too busy trying to navigate through our complicated world.
Whatever the reason we want to awake peoples lust for fruits and the joy they can bring. We want them to look at fruit in a new way and help them rediscover their love for them.

As a brand we want to be just as fantastical and odd as fruits are. Just as fruit our goal should be to offer a paus from the worries of everyday life.

That’s why we want people to know we are:

The fun-loving fruit innovator providing guilt-free moments.

Contact us.

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Hammarby kaj 24. 120 62 Stockholm.