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who we are:

we are an independent smoothie company from scandinavia.

our headquarters is in copenhagen, denmark, and our smoothies are bottled in sweden.

even our glass bottles are made in scandinavia.

we don't do anything else, just smoothies.

we don't make fruit juice.

or dried fruit crisps.

or fruit yoghurt.

or plastic pots of vegetables.

just 100% pure fruit smoothies.

they're fantastically good for you. so good that if you're not already drinking one every day you probably should be.

we sell our smoothies in all five of the nordic countries and we are the number one smoothie brand in the nordic region.

quality is our top priority. we don't use concentrates or add sugar to our smoothies. In fact we don't add anything – it really is just fruit.

we don't take short cuts or use cheap ingredients. we use the best fruit juices and purées we can find and we blend them in our own recipes.

if we can blow our own trumpet for a moment, we currently hold the prestigious børsen award for 'best fruit smoothie' in scandinavia. a panel of michelin starred chefs chose our smoothies above all the others on the market.

we bottle our smoothies in glass bottles because they are so much better for the environment.

our glass bottles are made from natural ingredients like sand, soda and lime – plus a large amount of crushed up recycled bottles.

unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are infinitely recyclable and no matter where you throw your bottle it will likely be sorted and end up back at the glass works to be crushed up and used to make new bottles.

and because we use glass bottles we can extend the shelf life of our smoothies way beyond the limits of plastic bottles without using any preservatives or additives.

that's why we love glass.

if you want to find out how, read 'work on a fruitfarm'.